Got Wrinkles???

• Fresh – clean laundry scent

Freshen fabrics and smooth wrinkles with this fabric refresher spray. Formulated with green tea and persimmon leaf extracts to remove odors, and corn-derived dextrin for wrinkle control. 16.9 fl. oz.

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release in Fresh Scent - 1
wrinkle release and refreshers

• Freshens fabrics and removes wrinkles from clothes, bed linens and more
• Dermatologically tested

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release in Fresh Scent - 2

• Fresh – clean laundry scent

Hold bottle 8-12 inches (20-30cm) from area to be treated and spray evenly.
For wrinkle removal: After spraying the fabric, use both hands to pull the wrinkled area up and down and from the sides 2-3 times to make the fabric taut. Let dry.

New Homestead Efficiency

Keep it Clean

Chicken Waterers

Now, I don’t know if you are new or if you’ve been doing this for a while. What I do know is You want the best for your farm or homestead animals or you wouldn’t be here. That being said chicken
waterers can be “slimy” so can your dog’s, cats, or other animals. Even the rabbit, guinea pig, etc. water bottles. So please for the sake of Yours and Your animals keep them clean.
I have found a way to do so while also supporting my own AVON business as well. At a huge discount because of my sales level.
Why would I buy from another source when I don’t know for a fact what they have either in their products or how they were made. AVON is 100% animal cruelty FREE. I would NOT support or sell anything that is not.
Ok off my soap box and back to efficiency on our homestead. I use our bottle
cleaning kit. I will link all the products I use so it will be easier to check them out and purchase if you’d like. All of AVON’s products are 100% guaranteed.

I’m not going to just drop a bunch of products and links and say “hey go buy this”. I want to give you info about each (probably overload) one, pics and how I, myself use them and for what.

Morning Aura Bottle Brush Set

The Morning Aura Bottle Brush Set

It’s great for crevices and larger waterers or food dishes. I use a set personally for the dogs food bowls and waterer. I have a set for my older hens and roos. I have a set for my new chicks. Why? Cross contamination. Let’s say the chicks I bring in from the store have salmonella or coccidia. If I use the same brushes for all my animals. Guess what happens? Yep they all get sick. I DO NOT WANT THAT. This is where gloves come in hand as well and I will get there soon, too.

Cucina Essentials Dish Scrubber Refills
Cucina Essentials Dish Scrubber Kit

4 Pack Morning Aura Dish Soap

4 Pack Morning Aura Dish Soap
and cruelty-free. Ultra degreaser cuts grease, removes old grime and stains.
That “slimy” grime comes right off with this awesome dish soap!! It’s a great deal and they last for such a very long time. I have small bottles that I pour this into and keep with each individual animal type cleaning supplies.

Avon Defense Nitrile Gloves Set of 5 ($60+ Value)

Avon Defense Nitrile Gloves Set of 5 ($60+ Value)
Keeps hands protected from germs and grime. Resists many chemicals. Stretchy, comfy fit for adults (fits either hand). Powder-and latexfree. Comes securely sealed in stackable boxes. I love everything about these gloves. No powder, no latex and in STACKABLE boxes!! I love being efficient and organized. These are a tremendous help with that and you guessed it, each animal kit has a baggie of these in it.

Cucina Essentials Multi Purpose Wipes

I absolutely LOVE these wipes!! No rinsing required, just wipe! Made from a naturally derived formula of citric acid and pomegranate vinegar, these cleaning wipes remove chicken poo from heat pads, dirt, spills and grime from hard surfaces like the brooder walls, sink, refrigerator and tile. Free of bleach and chemical preservatives. Comes with 60 sheets and smells delicious and NOT like chemicals. Dermatologically tested these can be used without gloves and not harm your hands at all. Clean off any surface with these amazing wipes.

Clothing and Stains

Unless you’ve been homesteading awhile you have no idea what kind of stains you will get on your clothing and shoes. So, what does this have to do with efficiency? If you are going to be working with animals, in the garden, in the orchard, mowing the land, greasing up tools and equipment, etc. I mean Lord knows we can go on and on and on and on about homesteading work. It is truly never finished. We just learn that some things may have to wait to the next day. Have you ever looked down at your clothes or maybe your husband’s, kid’s, grandkids clothes and shake your head. How many of us have seen the “what in world is that” stain? I can promise you and I know from much experience that this stain remover even removes “mystery” stains.

Fresh Fiji Laundry Stain Remover Gel

Sheet detergent!! Best thing since sliced bread!!!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard of and may of even tried “other” sheet detergents. The Fresh FiJi sheet detergent is 100% water soluble. It completely turns into liquid with the water in your washer. So, no measuring, no pouring, no mess. Just throw in a whole sheet for a full load or a half sheet for a smaller load. Easy as pie. Oh boy chocolate pie sounds good. lol ok sorry back on the subject of cleaning. The Power enzymes even work on old stains but couple it with the stain remover and your clothing will be squeaky clean. Fresh lemon and lavender scented. Need I say more?

Fresh Fiji Sheet Detergent

Fresh Fiji Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Don’t laugh. Even if you do not have a problem with “stinky feet/shoes”. This is one way to make sure you never do. Your shoes will eventually start to smell like your homestead. Trust me. They will. Why not give your shoes/boots a fresh spray every night after you take them off for the day?

Fresh Fiji Shoe Deodorizer Spray

Real TALK fabric refresher uses
Truthfully. Who washes their fall or winter jackets every night when they take them off. I’m sure there is someone with a bad case of OCD that does but the normal every day person does not. Fresh FiJi fabric refresher comes in a choice of two scents. Fresh and crisp. I love them both and just switch back and forth. Another question for you. Do you take your clothes right out of the dryer? I mean as soon as the dryer shuts off you are there grabbing those clothes out and folding and/or hanging them up? If you are, you have MUCH more time than I do. So why did I ask those questions? This fabric refresher also is a tremendous WRINKLE RELEASER. Yes, I mean it works MIRACLES. Honestly. My 90 year old Mom about dropped when she saw this spray do in seconds what she used to stand at the ironing board for hours and do. No kidding. Another good thing is they are dermatologically tested. I have some mild and funny skin. I will break out with bumps and rashes from chemicals, etc. Soaps with dyes in them, etc. So I have to be very careful of what goes on or near my skin. This refresher has never bothered me at all. Thank goodness.

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release

Avon Senses Fresh Cucumber & Melon Antibacterial Hand Gel

I can not stress enough the importance of keeping your hands clean. Washing them for at least 30 seconds is always recommended but we aren’t always able to do so. Especially if we are working outside. My husband and I both keep a tube of this in our pockets. We generally use the cucumber melon just because that’s the one we prefer. So as a woman I prefer my scents to match. The efficient handle on the shower gel hangs right on our shower rod! I keep the cucumber melon hand soap both in our bathroom and by the kitchen sink. What if you have worked all day corporately then went out and worked on your homestead? By then, I just want to soak in a bathtub of hot soapy water and probably with a chilled glass of white wine. Unfortunately, AVON can not provide me with the nightly wine but I got that covered.

I have so many things I could go on and on about for efficiency but I’m going to end this blog here. If you have questions. Please email me at Don’t forget to subscribe to my blogs and check us out on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. All social media actually…

God bless you.

Avon Senses Fresh Cucumber & Melon Hydrating Shower Gel

Avon Senses Fresh Cucumber & Melon Antibacterial Hand Gel
Avon Senses Cucumber Melon Bubble Bath

Avon Senses Fresh Cucumber & Melon Hand Soap

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