Laundry Time with Hygienic Power!!

I love that I can use each of these with confidence that my skin won’t have any reactions. I have psoriasis and my skin is very reactive to certain ingredients in laundry and other soaps, etc. They are gentle with a light scent that is NOT overpowering.

Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Fabric Softener

50 loads. 33.8 fl. oz

Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Color Booster & Stain Remover

Look, smell, be clean. Live hygienic.

Fresh Fiji’s Hygienic Power formula for a deep clean that removes even dirt you can’t see. Makes whites bright, boosts and brightens colors and eliminates odors (when used with regular detergent). With peroxide to eliminate tough stains and oxygen-based bleach to protect and boost color. Free of optical brighteners, dyes, paraben, triclosan, mineral oil. 63 loads. 47 fl. oz.

Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Laundry Detergent

Look, smell, be clean. Live hygienic.
Combines a stain-fighting 7-enzyme solution to brighten and whiten laundry, baking soda to help prevent odor for a longer-lasting fresh clean scent and our hygienic power formula for a deeper, more effective clean that removes even dirt you can’t see! 25 loads. 33.8 fl. oz.

Fresh Fiji Sheet Detergent (fresh or lavender)

Laundry detergent in a single sheet. Doing laundry is a breeze with these fresh detergent sheets. New unique format…no spills, no mess, no fuss, no measuring! Formulated with seven different enzymes blended to clean up the dirt and oily residues from skin and strong stains. This magic sheet completely dissolves in hot water, and even in cold water leaving no residue behind. Fresh and clean lemon and lavender scent from natural aroma oils, with odor-removing baking soda. 

Fresh Fiji Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Keeping your clothes clean is easy as a breeze. Pre-treat and remove tough, set-in stains with a powerful enzyme formula that helps to remove stains better than just laundry detergent alone. Great for treating collars, sleeves, socks and more. 16.9 fl. oz.

• Pre-treats and removes tough set-in stains
• Powerful enzyme formula
• For direct application without damaging fabrics
• Fresh scent
• Helps to remove stains better than just laundry detergent alone

Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Laundry Bar & Stain Remover

Look, smell, be clean. Live hygienic.
Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power formula in a bar for a deep clean that removes even dirt you can’t see. Perfect for pretreating or targeted spot treating clothing and linens, hand washing, and cleaning on-the-go. Breaks down stains pre-wash. Added baking soda brightens with a fresh scent. Safe for skin with moisturizing ingredients. 6.3 oz net wt.

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release

(One of my MOST favorites because I do NOT iron clothes but with this you don’t have to. Point and spray at wrinkles shake the clothing a little and it’s like MAJIC!!!) I love this Wrinkle Release & Fabric Refresher!!

Freshen fabrics and smooth wrinkles with this fabric refresher spray. Formulated with green tea and persimmon leaf extracts to remove odors, and corn-derived dextrin for wrinkle control. Available in two unique scents. 16.9 fl. oz.

• Freshens fabrics and removes wrinkles from clothes, bed linens and more
• Dermatologically tested

• Fresh – clean laundry scent
• Crisp – vibrant aromatic scent