Pearl Guineas For The WIN!!!

Homegrown Alarm System

I work from home. So I’m sitting here at my desk and I realize I hear a hawk singing the song of it’s people. I then realize my two Pearl Guineas are quiet as a mouse. If you don’t know, guineas let me be the FIRST to tell you, they are NEVER quiet as a mouse. They ALARM if absolutely ANYTHING is different in THEIR surroundings.

So OUT THE DOOR I run and I’m praying the whole time please God let all of my chickens be ok. I get around to the gate and I see the chickens up against the house, under the coop, in the coop. Anywhere they could get small and hide from Mr. Hawk (or Mrs.) I start counting and all 9 of them are accounted for. I go to the brooder in the coop and check on them. Everyone was good.

Shew I tell you this MOMMA HEN was ready to whoop some butt!! It’s funny that I fuss about the guineas sounding off but now I’m glad they do and NOW I’ve learned to pay attention more so to the silence as well.

#silencereallyisGOLDEN #lessonlearned #guineasforthewin