5 Ways To Practice Self-Care During the Holiday Season

For many, the holiday season can be one of the merriest times of the year, but with all of the hustle and bustle this time of year brings, it can also be quite stress-inducing. That’s why practicing self-care and treating yourself during this season is essential.
Whether it’s indulging in a long bubble bath or slipping into something cozy to watch your favorite movie, don’t forget to make time for yourself this season. Below, you’ll find a list of wellness gifts to help provide stress relief as you prepare for the holidays. Go ahead and treat yo’self–you deserve it!

LYRD Fir Balsam Fireplace Candle

Set a calming and welcoming ambiance with the snuggle-ready scent of a holiday hot toddy in this unique, fine fragrance candle crafted by expert perfumers.

Waffle Knit Pajama Set

There’s no feeling like slipping into something comfy after a long day. Make your beauty sleep cozy and warm with this ultra-soft, festive PJs set featuring a grey Henley long-sleeve top, red printed pull-on jogger bottoms and a matching sleep mask.

Sweater Trim Slipper Bootie

On your feet all day? Treat your feet to something soft and luxe. Footwear doesn’t get any comfier than this! Sweater trim features your choice of Fair-Isle print in navy or brown. Faux-sherpa lining takes cozy to whole new level!

The Face Shop x Earp Earp Real Nature Mask Sheet Set

Take a moment to unwind during the busy holiday season with The Face Shop x Earp Earp daily sheet masks. Each mask is infused with plant or fruit extracts targeting a variety of skin concerns. The set includes 10 individually packaged face masks made of a naturally derived fabric, which make for perfect little stocking stuffers – or keep them all to yourself and get your glow on! (We won’t tell.)

Avon Pure Diffuser

Boost your well-being and feel good naturally with the Avon Pure Diffuser–an LED light-up diffuser with color-changing lights and a design that is exclusive to Avon. Infuse your environment with relaxing and calming essential oils.

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Avon campaign 16, 2020


The Colors of Love
The makeup that loves you back!

Some highlights

Green Goddess Facial Oil - 2
Green Goddess Facial Oil
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