Catching a Chicken in 20 mph winds

Well if someone had been outside with my grandson Jackson and I videoing you may have won some money. I had him to go outside with me since the winds are so high. 20 mph!!

I just went in and fed the chickens because I am keeping them in the coop all day today. BUT…… ZEUS

Which by the way is the chicken that JACKSON named. Decided she wanted to be outside. So, OUT SHE RAN right through Jackson and I both!! ugh

Soooooooooooooooooo, I brought out the BIG GUN!!! No not THAT gun the BIG NET. LOL!! It still took us forever to catch one little chicken.

I told Jett (Jackson’s younger brother), when we came back in, if Jackson had just a penny for every cuss word I said and called that chicken He’d have a good chunk of change. (just keeping it real)

I was so ticked!!

Jackson is the one who finally netted her. After we finally got Zeus back in the coop. Jackson repeatedly said “Man, that took much longer than it should have”. I totally agree.

ZEUS the hen