Letter to: National Team Beauty & all Avon reps

I love camping/glamping lol. We have a 10 person tent for two people. When I started selling Avon that was my WHY. I just wanted to sell and make enough to put in a savings account to pay for our summer camping trips. Little did I know I would fall in love with Avon and their products. I fell in love with getting more percentage in my sales the more I sold. I am competitive and our kickstart goals for every campaign was a goal for me to beat. Yep I was and still am that competitive with myself. If you met every goal for 7 campaigns then you got a BIG bonus. $1,000 as a matter of fact! Well I missed that last camp goal by $75.00. I was devastated but guess what as much as I was beating myself up. My upline Christi Scovel said look at what you did for 6 straight camps. You are still a winner. She encouraged me and still does. I try my best to encourage each of my reps, too. I am a natural cheerleader and love to cheer people on and help them to achieve their dreams and goals. What can I do for you? Please let me help you. Don’t struggle. Don’t pretend to know it all. I don’t always have huge camps still to this day but I never have missed putting in some kind of order. Once I became a leader I made sure to at least put in my $50 order (it was always more than that). Then when I passed promoter and star promoter and became Bronze Ambassador my minimum became and it still is Avon’s minimum requirement for every leader above Star Promoter, $200. I make sure to at least get $200 but very rarely ever am I under $300. I strive for $500 campaigns.


With THAT being said…I have HUGE goals I want to crush for 2021. I have a goal of Rose Circle which is $35,000 BUT, I am also reaching for our “Destination Avon Trip”. So from what I have figured up I have to make at least $30,000. With that in mind I’m just pushing for that $35,00 Rose Circle goal. Guess what? If I don’t make it to RC but earn the trip for two with $30,000 in sales. I won BIG didn’t I?

So what do I personally need to do to get MORE sales? One, is to make sure I get books in people’s hands. EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN. Not only that but into MORE NEW customer’s hands. Then I need to encourage each of them to order at least $50. I would like for that to be more but if they can’t, then I need more customer’s right? Not every customer is going to order every campaign. You need to KNOW that right up front. Some will most won’t. Don’t expect them to.

I make sure to give samples out with EVERY SINGLE BOOK that I hand out. I also make sure to give at least one piece of candy. On special occasions I give out 2-3 pieces of candy (please make sure you are only giving out WRAPPED pieces of candy). I bought a tub of peppermint that was half off in the Christmas isle at the Dollar General Store last week. I will finish it off in the next two to four camps. I am buying some Hershey’s Kisses to give out with my camp 4 books.

I am offering $10 off $50 orders (20% off $50) Free delivery. I make sure they know they know it’s rep delivery only (for now). I label every book with that special and I let them know it’s still FREE to start their own Avon business, too. What a way to save even more money on their own items and make money by selling to others, too.

I also have made collages of our Defense items and printed those off as flyers and add those in with my books. Anything that is a special pricing I add print of and add in. All of this goes into our Clear Literature Bags. Avon sells those to us 50 for .80. Seriously you can’t beat that price. They are nice long bags that you can leave long and hang on your customer’s door knob or turn your book side ways and tuck it in nicely.

I am always looking for ways to build my customer base. My next line of building is to offer a free AVON product for each referral that orders $25. I will add a label to book with that as well. The person who refers will get a free product as well. Now that being said I have been selling for 3 years and I have a little stock. So I have several items to keep me going on referrals for quite some time. I also am President’s Club so I make 40% commission. Follow up!!! Call/PM/text your customers that you have given books and samples to. Remind them when you are putting in your order. They are human. They forget and love reminders!! Honestly.

If you are planning on emulating any of these things I have mentioned above make sure to adjust it to your earnings. Don’t give away $20 item for a $25 order. Just use common sense and you will build up your customer base before you know it.

My next thing to address is and I hear this every single campaign either from someone on my team or I see it on other facebook Avon groups and other distribution company reps. “I don’t have transportation”. “I can’t buy books” “I can’t afford to buy samples”
I am going to address each one of these individually.

SAMPLES: Buy ONE bottle of perfume, buy a bag of cotton balls. Buy box of tiny baggies. Cut up your cotton balls into 1/4’s. Mist your cut up cotton ball with perfume or men’s cologne. Label baggie. Give to customer with a book.


You don’t have money for books. There are two ways to handle this. First of all. You should be advertising DAILY. How? I’m glad you asked. Post. Post. Post your FREE online Avon store. Invite your customer to meet you out somewhere once a week or once a campaign to try a new sample. Then offer them a discount off their first order of the product they tried as a sample.

I’m sure you go somewhere in a car once or twice a month. If it’s not yours it’s someone’s car. Take books, cards, samples, etc with you to hand out to cashiers, bank tellers, etc.

There are ways to get around not having transportation daily.

Train yourself by watching YouTube channels like mine at Tillettville Beauty and Homestead.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask me if I’m your mentor/upline or whomever is your upline. It’s our job to get you trained but we can’t if you don’t let us know you want it.

Also, don’t forget about all the FREE training that
AVON offers. Through AVON U and on their
Facebook groups. Their is some kind of
training going on daily. Check out the training
calendar at your AvonNow .com for the days and subjects.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Be safe. Wash your hands. Use common sense on social distancing and wear a mask until all this craziness is over in our unprecedented world. God bless you. We love you.

Tammy Nall-Tillett
“Tillettville Beauty”

Johnny Tillett “Boss Man”

Don’t camp out and not grow. Let me help you grow. Start moving in an RV!!! (PER SAY)