Ginza Stefany In My Arms Eau De Parfum - 1

Long ago, a traveler from afar fell in love with an elegant beauty in the bustling Ginza district of Tokyo. A chance meeting, forbidden passion and heartbreaking distance, through hundreds of letters, their love endures. Introducing a new fragrance collection that explores the story of our steadfast lovers and the power of their eternal love. Under a sunlit gardenia tree, as notes of black currant and delicate peach filled the air, their undying passion was professed.
Sunlit gardenia tree, black currant and delicate peach.
Fresh & Sweet – Fruity scents with bright, sparkling and crisp notes.


Studio 1886 Legendary Eau de Toilette - 2

Inspired by Avon’s 134-year heritage, the Studio 1886 Collection offers the finest bold and unforgettable ingredients for a heroic fragrance experience.
The perfect balance of confidence and discovery. Vibrant lemon eases into crisp lavender for a fresh faceted opening. Notes of patchouli and salted amber provide complexity and depth, revealing exquisite ingredients for a memorable fragrance experience. 1.7 fl. oz.
Vibrant lemon, crisp lavender, patchouli and salted amber.

Our LOVE story

My husband Johnny and I have a one true love. It took a few relationships with other people before we came back to one another and to realize we were MORE than “friends”.
Several years passed 34 or more to be exact. He had two children, a boy and a girl. I had three children, 3 boys. Now, don’t get me wrong we talked several times over all these years but it NEVER went past talking. We were friends that could talk about anything to each other. No matter how much time had passed between phone calls. We didn’t physically see each other for probably 30 years. Now that’s friendship. I moved out of
my home state, Kentucky and so did he. I came back “home” in 2012 on Christmas eve.
In April 2013 I sent him a text saying “guess who?” I had lost his number and mine had changed. We had lost touch for a few years. My sister in law gave me his phone number. The weekend following the night I called him he came down from the state he lived in to visit my Mom and I. We went out (all three of us) to each Chinese. My Mom’s favorite food is Chinese. Gotta keep Momma happy. Now, long story short. We were married on June 3, 2013. Yes, no doubt in either of our minds this love was meant to be. There just were broken roads in between that we both had to travel. I think so that we would appreciate each other. I certainly do and he does me as well. We tell each other all the time “thank you”. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you. We also tell each other “I truly appreciate you”. No, it’s not sickening. It’s love and Biblical to do so. Honor God first, then each other daily. I love this man with every thing in me and I have no doubt in my heart whatsoever that he loves me with every thing in him, too. It is wonderful to have this love. We have our moments as all couples do but it is a much shorter period to say “I’m sorry”. I am truly blessed. We are a loving blended family with 7 grandchildren and love and spoil them all greatly!! Tillettville is full of love!!

The two fragrances above are the best match we’ve come across and we love both of them. Let me know if you’d like to try a sample of them.

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Tammy & Johnny Love Story

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