Catching a Chicken in 20 mph winds

Well if someone had been outside with my grandson Jackson and I videoing you may have won some money. I had him to go outside with me since the winds are so high. 20 mph!!

I just went in and fed the chickens because I am keeping them in the coop all day today. BUT…… ZEUS

Which by the way is the chicken that JACKSON named. Decided she wanted to be outside. So, OUT SHE RAN right through Jackson and I both!! ugh

Soooooooooooooooooo, I brought out the BIG GUN!!! No not THAT gun the BIG NET. LOL!! It still took us forever to catch one little chicken.

I told Jett (Jackson’s younger brother), when we came back in, if Jackson had just a penny for every cuss word I said and called that chicken He’d have a good chunk of change. (just keeping it real)

I was so ticked!!

Jackson is the one who finally netted her. After we finally got Zeus back in the coop. Jackson repeatedly said “Man, that took much longer than it should have”. I totally agree.

ZEUS the hen

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: For Chickens and other animals. People, too?

What is Diatomaceous Earth?
Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic natural substance. It’s made from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. Through a microscope, the particles look like bits of broken glass. Diatomaceous earth is deadly to any insect, yet completely harmless to animals and humans!

I am in no way sponsored for this DE. Just letting you know this is the one I’ve been using but switching over to the food grade one I’ll list below. Not knocking this choice but just changing it up to be more natural.

Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Bentonite, W230 at Tractor  Supply Co.

Is Diatomaceous earth considered vegan?
Diatomaceous Earth, for the rest of this blog will mostly be referred to as DE, is an all-natural product made from fossilized algae.  No animal or chemical by-products. Great news!!

Is diatomaceous earth a good source of silica?
When taken by mouth, diatomaceous earth is used as a source of silica, for treating high cholesterol levels and for treating constipation. Wow! Who knew? Right?

Silica is a mineral
Silica is a mineral that’s essential to the formation of collagen in your body. Nutrition experts recommend choosing foods that are high in silica such as:
Bananas and dried fruit
Beans (certain types)
Beer and wine (in moderation)
Dairy and meat products
Green beans
Mineral and spring water
Nuts and seeds
Tea and coffee

Improved Hair, Skin, and Nails?
Silica can also improve YOUR skin, hair, and nails. Silicon dioxide is also found in many hair products. Some people have said that D.E. supplements can produce fuller, thicker, healthier hair within a few weeks of regular use. Similarly, it is said that silica helps with collagen production to improve skin texture and appearance and may also strengthen nails. I’ve found that DE is in a lot of over the counter products and foods that We use and eat on a daily basis. So, I will continue to take my AVON re:tune supplement Inner Beauty Hair, Skin & Nail Health. Link under product picture if you’d like to try it. This is not what this blog is for I am helping you with your chickens lol. So, Stay with me here.

re:tune Inner Beauty Hair, Skin & Nail Health - 1
retune: hair, skin, nails

Which one am I using/choosing now?

Harris Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, 10.5 lb. Bag, DE-FG105

Naturally Organic that I love! Harris Ground Fresh 100% Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product. It is OMRI listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute and meets organic use standards. Use to protect your garden plants. Use in animal feed and multiple other uses.

  • Natural product for organic use
  • Use to protect your garden plants
  • Use in animal feed and multiple other uses
  • OMRI listed with the organic minerals research institute

What bugs does food grade diatomaceous earth kill?
Diatomaceous Earth is effective against any insect that has an exoskeleton. This includes fleas, mites, lice, ants, millipedes, earwigs, cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, crickets, centipedes, pill bugs, sow bugs, most beetles, fungus gnat larvae, and some grubs

This is very important to me. Also, it’s 100% ground freshwater diatomaceous earth with ABSOLUTELY no additives or fillers. That is important to me, too. I try to keep my animals and land organic.

Again I’m not sponsored by either products or their companies. This is my opinion and my choices. Please research anything and everything you have around or give to your animals.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, liking and sharing my blogs. You ARE appreciated more than you know.

Keep it country y’all
Tammy Nall-Tillett
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