What you CAN feed your chickens

At what age are chickens considered adults and can be fed adult foods?

Between 16 and 24 weeks generally speaking, chickens are said to be adults when they reach the point of sexual maturity and begin laying eggs. This typically occurs when the chickens are between 16 and 24 weeks of age, depending on breed, but even some individuals within a breed will develop more quickly or slowly than others. That being said 18 weeks is a good age to start them on oyster crumbles for that extra calcium (off subject but wanted to throw that in).

List of foods you CAN feed to your chickens

ApplesRaw, cooked and applesauce
AsparagusRaw or cooked
BananasWithout the peel
Beans and green beansWell-cooked only, never dry
BeetsGreens and cooked root
BerriesAll kinds
BreadsOnly in small amounts, preferably soaked in ACV
Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cabbage & Brussels SproutsWhole head
Carrots and topsRaw and cooked
CatfoodWet and dry- Feed in strict moderation, perhaps only during moulting
CheeseIncluding cottage cheese
Cooked Chicken
CornOn cob and canned, raw and cooked
Crickets (live)Can be bought at bait or pet-supply stores.
CucumbersLet mature for yummy seeds and flesh
EggsHardcooked and scrambled are a good source of protein, and a favorite treat.
Fish/SeafoodCooked only.
Flowers -Marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies, etcMake sure they haven’t been treated with pesticides,
such as florist flowers might be.
FruitPears, peaches, cherries, apples
GrainsBulgar, flax, niger, wheatberries,etc.
GrapesSeedless only. For chicks, cutting them in half makes it easier for them to swallow.
“Leftovers”Only feed your chickens food items which are still considered edible by humans, don’t feed anything spoiled, moldy, oily, salty or unidentifiable.
Lettuce / KaleAny leafy greens, spinach collards, chickweed included.
MealwormsAvailable at pet supply stores or on the internet
Meat scraps of any kind.Not too fatty, A good source of protein in moderation.
MelonBoth the seeds and the flesh are good chicken treats.
OatmealRaw, fermented or cooked
Pasta/MacaroniCooked spaghetti, etc.
PeasPeas and pea tendrils and flowers
Peppers (bell).
PopcornPopped, no butter, no salt.
Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes/YamsCooked only—avoid the green parts of peels!
Pumpkins/Winter SquashRaw or cooked seeds and flesh
RiceCooked only
Scratch grainsScratch is cracked corn with grains (such as wheat, oats
and rye) mixed in, not a complete feed.
SproutsWheat and oat sprouts are great!
Summer SquashYellow squash and zucchini
Sunflower SeedsSunflower seeds in the shell are fine to feed, as well as shelled.
Table scrapsAvoid forbidden foods and fish bones, but otherwise safe.
TomatoesRaw and cooked.
WatermelonServed cold, it can keep chickens cool and hydrated during hot summers.
YogurtPlain or flavored
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