Avon’s MEN fragrances featuring the Tillettville Beauty Homestead MEN

Avon’s MEN fragrances are out of this world delicious and manly

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Tillettville’s Finest Customers and friends

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Got Wrinkles???

• Fresh – clean laundry scent

Freshen fabrics and smooth wrinkles with this fabric refresher spray. Formulated with green tea and persimmon leaf extracts to remove odors, and corn-derived dextrin for wrinkle control. 16.9 fl. oz.

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release in Fresh Scent - 1
wrinkle release and refreshers

• Freshens fabrics and removes wrinkles from clothes, bed linens and more
• Dermatologically tested

Fresh Fiji Fabric Refresher with Wrinkle Release in Fresh Scent - 2

• Fresh – clean laundry scent

Hold bottle 8-12 inches (20-30cm) from area to be treated and spray evenly.
For wrinkle removal: After spraying the fabric, use both hands to pull the wrinkled area up and down and from the sides 2-3 times to make the fabric taut. Let dry.

Stainless Steel vs Plastic in Your Kitchen

I give you the information and a solution. As always you should do your own research as well. Stay informed of what is going into yours and your family’s bodies. Plastic has been proven to leach toxic chemicals like BPA or phthalates when heated, which is why it should never be used for hot foods or drinks. Let’s dive in and find out more information.

Hormone Disrupter?

BPA is known to disrupt the endocrine system in the body. It mimics the effects of estrogen and disrupts normal hormone function.  Now, I am definitely not an expert but us women ALREADY have enough hormonal stuff going on in our bodies.

What are BPA and phthalates (THAL-ates)?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in some hard, clear plastics such as water bottles and baby bottles and in the lining of food cans. Phthalates are used to make soft, flexible plastics such as PVC (“vinyl”) products and food packaging.

It is believed that both BPA and phthalates can leach from plastic into food, liquid, and directly into the mouths of children while sucking on pacifiers or teethers. Wow, that’s some scary stuff right there.

Research suggests that all plastics may leach chemicals if they’re scratched or heated. Research also strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in these products, such as bisphenol A (BPA), may cause cancer in people. That’s enough for me to change over.

Metal/Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Are Metal Mixing Bowls Safe? Stainless steel bowls are safe and stainless steel does not corrode. You can use a stainless steel bowl to mix anything except acidic foods. It is a great tool in the kitchen, as a food prep vessel, from coating meat with flour to making dough.

Do stainless steel bowls have lead?

Stainless steel does not contain lead. Stainless steel by itself is safe for your food, but your food could actually damage the cookware. Do not put acidic foods in your stainless steel containers. Best to mix those up in glass bowls.

Stainless Steel in the Fridge

As a general rule, it’s safest to store food in glass or plastic containers. If you’re in a hurry or if a big holiday meal has used up your usual storage containers, you can store your food in a stainless steel pot. I have stored food in my Instant Pot in my refrigerator for 2-3 days. The stainless steel used in the Instant Pot pressure cooker is 18/8 gauge. 18/8 stainless steel means that it consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which is “food grade” stainless steel. That being said no food should be kept longer than that in the “fridge”. In my opinion. If so, you might want to consider freezing for later use.

So now here is what I have chosen to do in my kitchen. I cook mostly in and with cast iron but not always. I try to steer clear of teflon because I know the dangers of it as well (that’s another blog). I am transitioning over to all glass and stainless steel where I can. My mixing utensils are mostly silicone and stainless steel. I use rubber/silicone and some plastic lids on my bowls when storing short term in the fridge. Making sure that everything is at least room temp before storing.

My bowls & Storage containers

Here are my bowls and storage containers that I have been using in my kitchen and I am very pleased with them. Each item has the link to purchase if you’d like to try them as well.

5 Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Set
Kitchen essentials. Set of 5 stainless steel bowls for all your culinary needs. Includes 4.75”, 5.5” 6.5”, 7.25” and 8” diam. bowls.
Stainless Steel Storage Bowls Set of 5 - 1
Stainless Steel Storage Bowls Set of 5
• Smallest: 1.125” H x 4” W
• Largest: 2.125” x 7” W
Oil Separator Can - 2
Oil Separator Can
• Cup, 4.92” x 4.52” x 6.29”
• Lid, 5.31” x .98”
• Filter, 4.92” x .39” x 2.25”


Take Care of YOU

You work hard on your homestead. Why wouldn’t you take a little time to take care of yourself, too?
You are out in the weather constantly.
Hot, cold, wet, dry, windy, etc. Wow!
What our bodies go through to help us
improve our land. I bet you play hard, too. We have a fully stocked catfish pond on our homestead and go fishing to relax after a hard day’s work.

Women and Men need to take care of their skin.
My husband loves to go shirtless while he is working the land and get that deep tan. He isn’t into the “farmer’s tan” look. lol Not that there is anything wrong with it.
All I ask is that no matter tan or no tan you
take care of your skin and eyes, too.

We do have a complete line of MEN’s
Products but they can also use any of the products.

Take care of the largest organ your body has, your skin and it will take care of you for a very long time.

Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum

Defy gravity with the natural power of the hibiscus flower. Our new collection has responsibly sourced organic hibiscus extract, for visibly firmer, youthfully plumped skin, and enriched with ceramide and other anti-aging ingredients, our innovative formulas help skin look resculpted and lifted from every angle.
Visibly sculpt and firm with this hibiscus-powered day cream! This deeply moisturizing hibiscus extract-infused formula, with smoothing ceramide, visibly tightens facial contours and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a firmer, smoother, more sculpted look.

• Deeply moisturizing hibiscus extract-infused formula
• Visibly tightens facial contours and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a firmer, smoother, more sculpted look
• Skin appears replenished, reshaped and lifted*
• Hypoallergenic


• Hibiscus extract – Helps provide visibly firmer, youthfully plumped skin.
• Squalane – Helps visibly smooth and repair skin’s moisture barrier.

*Based on a consumer perception study.


Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Day Cream

Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Day Cream

Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Eye Cream


Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Night Cream

Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Night Cream

Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Oil Serum


Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum™ Special Trial Kit

Try all of our hibiscus-powered skin care in one convenient kit.

4-piece trial kit includes:

• Sculpting Day Cream, .5 fl. oz.
• Sculpting Night Cream, .5 fl. oz.
• Sculpting Oil Serum, .24 fl. oz.
• Sculpting Eye Cream, .17 fl. oz.


Try all of our hibiscus-powered skin care in one convenient kit.