25 Tips for building your AVON sales/customer base and recruiting team members

no particular order

  1. LABELS – The most important thing you can do is LABEL everything you possibly can with your contact info. Books, flyers, samples (even home made samples).
  2. SAMPLES “If they try they buy.” You can buy samples or make your own or both. I have videos on my YouTube channel on how to do just this.
  3. BULK UP and FLAG YOUR AVON BOOKS – Staple/tape samples to the pages they are on in the books/flyers. Yes, even your home made ones. Fold down pages where a great sale is or Holiday items are.
  4. KEEP RECORDS OF SAMPLE GIVING – Whether you do it digitally or have a notebook you write it down in. Do yourself a favor and write down who you give what to. Also, drop a note in with your samples. Let your customers know you can offer a discount if they order that particular item.
  5. VEHICLE – Always keep Avon books, flyers, samples, business cards, etc. in your vehicle. I’ve had people get out of their car in the bank drive through to ask me for books.
  6. DECALS – When you can afford it decal your back windshield with your Avon contact info. ( I even printed mine off the PC in my early days and taped it inside my car) I did this for a year! I now have decals even for my YouTube channel. Just do something to get your info out there and build your business. (pics at end of blog)
  7. ORDERS (rep delivery) – Going along with number #4 make sure to add samples to orders that you are delivering. FOLLOW up to get that sale.
  8. REFERRAL DISCOUNT – You get me a customer and they order $25+ you get 20% (or whatever you can offer) on your next order for each NEW customer.
    One new customer = one discounted order, etc.
  9. UPSELL – Be just like the restaurants… “Would you like to add an apple pie to that?” Except you can say “Would you like to add a hand cream to your order?”, “Did you see the great deals we have on lip balms?”, “What did you think of our new candles?”. etc.
  10. TEXT/PM – Your online Avon store or your digital Avon book link.
  11. TEXT/PM – Earnestly asking how they are doing. “Hope everyone is fine and healthy” Etc. “Just a reminder we have “shield yourself” items.
  12. THANK YOU CARDS/NOTES – Every month send out thank you cards/notes/post cards. Whatever you can afford to do. This let’s them know you truly appreciate them. Also, send Christmas cards. (When you can do so affordably send out birthday/anniversary cards) (Do this for your team members as well)
  13. INVOICE YOUR CUSTOMER TWICE – What? Yes. One for the amount they actually owe you and one for the amount they could of paid if they were an Avon rep. Personal shopping is allowed lol.
  14. ESSENTIAL/FRONTLINE WORKERS – Make bags up with a few items such as hand lotion, lip balm, roll on deodorant and maybe a few pieces of mint candies/candy cane, etc. Tie a ribbon or a bread tie/tape around the top. NOW- MOST IMPORTANTLY… label every single Avon item yes even the lip balm. Add a personal note of thanks to the worker from you. Hand them an Avon book with the goodie bag.
  15. FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE/INSTGRAM, ETC. – LIVES!!! Ok This one I still struggle with myself. So instead I record videos and post them. Just put something out there with you talking as a person and not just posts.
  16. POSTS – You didn’t think I was going to let that one slide by did you? This is where lots of us “been here awhile” disagree. My opinion is to POST on ALL available SOCIAL MEDIA platforms. I mean why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of any form to get your info out there? Sales or recruitment and even for both.
  17. SHORT VIDEOS – I use ANIMOTO they have a free version you can use until you can afford to pay to build your version.
  18. PAYPAL – or whichever you chose to receive payments. Customers tend to spend more if they can use their debit/CC to pay. (BIG tip here…make sure they use friends and family to pay on PAYPAL-it’s free) Facebook pay is free as well you set this up to go to your bank account. Use what works for you but PLEASE offer some way for them to pay that is convenient.
  19. 100 % RESPONSIBILITY – Take all the responsibility on YOURSELF for your own SUCCESS!! Don’t totally depend on other to do it for you, guide you or pamper you all the way. Yes, ask for help, guidance, mentorship along the way and always check in with your mentor. Research skills YOURSELF. No excuses!!
  20. BOOK TOSSING – old, old, old books. (NEVER toss a new Avon book) in random yards with a recruiting flyer and your info in each bag!! (use clear literature bags you can buy from Avon business tools)
  21. PARTICIPATE – In Your Avon team zoom or in person meetings. Join Avon Facebook groups for reps. They are a great place to bounce ideas off each other.
  22. AVON FUNDRAISER – At least 3 times a year but no limits.
  23. EVENTS – Do events as often as you can. Advertise, sell Avon and collect customer info.
  24. GARAGE/YARD SALES – Have your AVON products on an individual table with books and samples. Have some way to get customer info (give aways/drawings/guessing games).
  25. BUSINESS CARD – Add your business card (2-3 at a time) to bulletin/community boards at grocery, library, laundry mats, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

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