Avon President’s Club “Rose Club” achiever in 2021

Avon President’s Club “Rose Club” achiever in 2021. Help me to achieve this GOAL in 2021 and save money while doing so!! Anytime you order from me and I deliver it YOU SAVE MONEY!! Just mention ROSECIRCLE every time you order $50+ and save 20%!! Thank you for being such great customers and friends!! You are the best!! I will be able to offer this to my online customers very soon. Stay tuned for that offer. God bless each one of you.

This is my vision board pic below. The next pic is the one I am using for my facebook cover page image.

Facebook cover page image

Hard Work Not LUCK

Shannon Hunt - Photos | Facebook

Nothing is luck.. You get what you work for period.. I have several Avon mentors. 2 or 3 of them know it. Others I watch from afar. I follow and participate on their social media and follow their advice. On my Instagram of this post I have tagged my Avon mentors. I want them to all know they have been and will continue to be a big part of my Avon business career. I look up to each of them, learn from and appreciate them. I work my butt off aspiring to be better each and everyday.

I know there is no such thing as luck. You get what you work for. You get exactly what you put into anything you do in life.

I have huge goals. I started out with a small goal of just paying for our summer camping trips but the Avon family atmosphere hooked me. They inspire me to do keep doing better. To keep growing my business every year and to keep growing my team. I truly love being a part of the Avon nation!!

Thank you.
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Cold but Beautiful White Christmas in Tillettville

Thankful for the white Christmas (pics on Instagram @tillettvillebeauty ) but…Cold is an understatement. Especially when you go for days without electricity in your master bedroom. It’s crazy how many times I walked into my bedroom and flipped the light switch. It’s funny what we take for granted isn’t it? It has made me REALLY think about my blessings.
This week I will sending out thank you cards to all of my customers. Paying special thanks to those who supported me in 2020.
With that being said I want to elaborate on the thankful heart ❤ I have. Just because someone didn’t buy from me during a pandemic doesn’t mean they didn’t support me. Maybe they shared my post. People support our small businesses in different ways. Maybe they JUST liked our post. Guess what? That pushed up the post in the algorithm. If they commented as well, even better.
I promise you if you practice having a thankful heart ❤ God will give you MORE to be thankful for.
Take a day or two and really contemplate on you. Yes, you. What are YOU thankful for? What did YOU do to help someone else’s small business? Be thankful for even the small things and the bigger things will come. 

While you’re at it don’t forget to be thankful for your family and friends. Give love and get love.

God bless you.

Tammy Nall-Tillett
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Avon campaign one! Digital version.

How AMAZING is technology now a days? You can try on lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, etc. BEFORE you actually purchase it. I think it’s pretty awesome!

Who doesn’t love a GREAT MAKEOVER??? Especially when it can be on you in the privacy of your home.

Find YOUR shade of makeup. Not someone else’s. Try before you buy.

Beauty Tips

Tutorials, guides, expert tips on everything skin care, makeup, bath & body and more!!

Eye Care


All in one place!! What is you ask?

Makeup tips, tricks and tutorials!!