Last Call!!!

This is the last two weeks to start building your AVON business for absolutely FREE of charge. We will be going back to paying for start up at the end of this current campaign (2) 2021. Ends online January 2, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST.

We are Hiring! — Healthy Acadia

On January 5th, 2022 The start up fee will be $30 (as of right now). That DOES come with a kit and the FREE sign up does not but it weighs out in the end. Check out my blog on “Everything’s more fun with a friend” for details.

FREE ONLINE STORE ALWAYS!!! As far as I know. AVON is the only MLM company that gives their reps a FREE ONLINE STORE!!!

Think Big, Earn Big

Sell Avon part-time, full-time, you decide how much!
See what new Representatives like you can earn in your first few months:


on beauty orders from customers and discount when you buy for yourself*

*Orders of $40+, 20% off $40+ fashion and home orders


Up to $3,300 in commissions and bonuses by achieving all maximum sales targets in your first 8 campaigns, Avon’s 2-week selling cycles.


for every $200 in sales
each campaign


for first $500 in sales


for first $1,000 in sales

Tammy Nall-Tillett
We are Hiring! — Healthy Acadia

Author: Tillettville Beauty Homestead

New chicken Momma for a year now. I share what I learn as I go. Gardening in raised beds and planting orchards for our future generations to come. I love BEAUTY not only in beauty business but NATURE. I love watching the animals and birds on our little 5 acres. Subscribe here to my blog and to my YouTube channel for videos of our crazy but very blessed life. I'm a natural born cheer leader! I have a passion for living life to the fullest!! My name is Tammy Nall Tillett and I'm a Silver Ambassador and President's Club member with Avon, a beauty blogger and an up and coming new homesteader. I am married to Johnny Tillett and he of course is my business partner. In 2019 I became a National leader with Avon.

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