Big Island Hawaii

Destination Avon 2021: Big Island Hawaii

DECEMBER 7, 2021 (CAMPAIGN 2-26, 2021)

We promised this would be big!

Join us on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort and Spa, March 27-31, 2022, for an incredible, aloha celebration of your success in our 135th Anniversary year. We’ve bought out the entire resort to give you the ultimate getaway you deserve with your Avon family!

And you’re already on your way with your 2021 performance so far!


We can’t wait to celebrate big and reward you big! Share an unforgettable experience with your Avon family at this stunning resort on the western coast of Hawaii’s breathtaking Big Island, including:

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Roundtrip transportation to the resort
  • Resort accommodations
  • Food and beverage included during the incentive days (lunch, March 27 through lunch, March 31)
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • The white-sand beach of beautiful Anaeho’omalu Bay, three sparkling outdoor pools, a waterslide, available spa and more
  • Exclusive swag and Avon product gifts

Our 2020 Top 10 National Pinnacle achievers and Top 5 National LABC Pinnacle achievers will automatically earn the trip for two plus VIP extras.

  • One extra night for you and your guest to enjoy
  • Food and beverage during additional night
  • VIP check-in and congratulations gift
  • $100 resort credit
  • Exclusive awards ceremony for you and your guest
  • $150 in exclusive swag


For the 2021 incentive, for the first time you can achieve through your personal sales or through Leadership title performance (or both!) in Campaigns 2-26, 2021 (December 23, 2020- December 7, 2021).

2020 PRP MembersIncrease your sales by $8,500
(vs. prior year sales: C2-26, 2020)
Increase your sales by $14,000
(vs. C2-26, 2020)
2020 Non-PRP
(Contenders & Premier Level)*

(Representatives who joined before 12/11/19)
Achieve $16,000 in sales
within C2-26, 2021
Achieve $23,000 in sales
within C2-26, 2021
New Representatives
(Non-PRP Representatives
who joined on or after 12/11/19)**
Achieve $12,000 in sales
within C2-26, 2021
Achieve $17,000 in sales
within C2-26, 2021
Bronze Leader & above***Grow your Total Team Sales
by 10% vs. same period
prior year
(C2-26, 2020)
Grow your Total Team Sales
by 15% vs. same period
prior year
(C2-26, 2020)
Executive Leaders
(Bronze-Platinum Executive)***
Perform for 20 campaigns
at or above the same achievement title
earned as of C2, 2021 in the
C2-C26, 2021 timeframe
Perform for 25 campaigns
at or above the same achievement title
earned as of C2, 2021 in the
C2-C26, 2021 timeframe
property of Avon information

*Representatives who joined before C1, 2020, and did not achieve PRP status in 2020, will participate as “Contender and Premier Achievers”
**If you joined Avon on or after December 11, 2019 and did not achieve PRP status in 2020, you will participate as a “New First-Year Representative”
***Bronze Leaders and above must meet a minimum Total Team Sales Volume prior year Sales base of $200,000 and must be President’s Club level or above by close of C26, 2021 to be eligible for the Leadership options to earn the incentive. Minimum Total Team 2021 sales to earn a trip for 1 is $220,000 (increase of 10%) and to earn a trip for 2 is $230,000 (15% increase).


Your account needs to be active and in good standing at the close of the incentive† to qualify for the trip. Representatives who are past due for two or more campaigns will be disqualified. Account balances over $500 are subject to review for qualification. Accounts must remain in good standing, and past due status will be reviewed at the time of invitation to register. The account must be active at the time of the trip. So be sure to keep your account up to date!

†December 7, 2021 for Sales and Leadership achievers and December 31, 2021 for National Pinnacle Achievers


Get your team excited and set this incredible trip as a super-cool #DestinationAvon! Share posts on your business Facebook page and Instagram.

All costs and expenses associated with acceptance and use of the trip not specified herein as being provided, including, without limitation, luggage fees, anything outside of the all-inclusive plan, are the achiever’s sole responsibility.

Author: Tillettville Beauty Homestead

New chicken Momma for a year now. I share what I learn as I go. Gardening in raised beds and planting orchards for our future generations to come. I love BEAUTY not only in beauty business but NATURE. I love watching the animals and birds on our little 5 acres. Subscribe here to my blog and to my YouTube channel for videos of our crazy but very blessed life. I'm a natural born cheer leader! I have a passion for living life to the fullest!! My name is Tammy Nall Tillett and I'm a Silver Ambassador and President's Club member with Avon, a beauty blogger and an up and coming new homesteader. I am married to Johnny Tillett and he of course is my business partner. In 2019 I became a National leader with Avon.

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