Hard Work Not LUCK

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Nothing is luck.. You get what you work for period.. I have several Avon mentors. 2 or 3 of them know it. Others I watch from afar. I follow and participate on their social media and follow their advice. On my Instagram of this post I have tagged my Avon mentors. I want them to all know they have been and will continue to be a big part of my Avon business career. I look up to each of them, learn from and appreciate them. I work my butt off aspiring to be better each and everyday.

I know there is no such thing as luck. You get what you work for. You get exactly what you put into anything you do in life.

I have huge goals. I started out with a small goal of just paying for our summer camping trips but the Avon family atmosphere hooked me. They inspire me to do keep doing better. To keep growing my business every year and to keep growing my team. I truly love being a part of the Avon nation!!

Thank you.
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Author: Tillettville Beauty Homestead

New chicken Momma for a year now. I share what I learn as I go. Gardening in raised beds and planting orchards for our future generations to come. I love BEAUTY not only in beauty business but NATURE. I love watching the animals and birds on our little 5 acres. Subscribe here to my blog and to my YouTube channel for videos of our crazy but very blessed life. I'm a natural born cheer leader! I have a passion for living life to the fullest!! My name is Tammy Nall Tillett and I'm a Silver Ambassador and President's Club member with Avon, a beauty blogger and an up and coming new homesteader. I am married to Johnny Tillett and he of course is my business partner. In 2019 I became a National leader with Avon.

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